Podcast Alert: Darkmoon Herald Ep. 13, Lock and Load

And now for something a little different.

I was on the Darkmoon Herald podcast a few weeks ago with Kevin and Apsana, and it’s finally available for download! I had a lot of fun doing this show – it’s a pity my schedule doesn’t leave me more time for recording. (Perhaps if I didn’t talk incessantly on these things, it might be easier to find time. :D)

Check it out online or on iTunes. Thank to the Darkmoon Herald crew for having me on, it was a blast!


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4 responses to “Podcast Alert: Darkmoon Herald Ep. 13, Lock and Load

  1. This was awesome!!!!!

    Here is one of my suck moments… Don’t know if you remember, but I rolled a lowbie hunter to do some pvp. Well, there is a reason that I’m not playing him right now. I Disengaged right off the Lumber Mill Cliff in AB! 😦

    I’m a sad hunter.


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  3. Macnol

    Please do this more often. Both for me to have a chance to hear more discussion on battlegrounds, and to have an excuse to listen to more podcasts. 🙂

  4. Off to go listen and download! (Told you, you might regret that spam :P)