Force ElvUI to use Friz Quadrata TT

I am in a period of UI experimentation and decided to give ElvUI another shot. Having wiped everything out and going back to the basics leaves me with nothing to lose if it decides to take out my keybinds again, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I’d pretty – I’ll grant it that – but the fonts it uses are terrible. It even rewrites the default font used by the system, so that when you disable ElvUI the character nameplates use a cramped PT Sans Narrow instead of the Friz Quadrata TT that has been a hallmark of World of Warcraft since 2004.

So I was fiddling with it this morning and couldn’t for the life of me change everything in the user interface. The TukUI forums suggested a set of alternate addons or modifying the LUA but I started going, wait, what, why all this just to fix the fonts?

Then I figured the right way to fix it, as with anything on a computer, is to get into the command line and write a shell script.

The following script removes all of the fonts that ship with ElvUI and replaces them with symbolic links to a font of your choosing. I chose Friz Quadrata TT, which I downloaded and placed in my ~/Library/Fonts directory. The symlinks fool ElvUI and World of Warcraft into thinking they’re using the ugly default fonts, but the files they pull up are the font you directed them to.

#! /bin/sh


for elvfont in Action_Man.ttf DieDieDie.ttf Continuum_Medium.ttf Homespun.ttf PT_Sans_Narrow.ttf
rm -v $elvdir/$elvfont
ln -s $sourcefont $elvdir/$elvfont

Use at your own risk. No warranty provided, this has the RM command in it so it deletes crap, only works on my computer, etc..

I might try some different fonts – Friz Quadrata looks nice at the larger sizes (8+) but it’s not the best display font for the teeny tiny buttons and chat windows.

That said, it’s an improvement over the defaults.



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8 responses to “Force ElvUI to use Friz Quadrata TT

  1. Hrm… That’s the 3rd time I’ve heard about ElvUI recently. I’ll play with it later tonight. BTW, you script is *nix compatible only. I’ll develop a windows version later today.

  2. caerphoto

    It’s amazing how few fonts actually work at sensible UI sizes in WoW. Even Segoe UI, the standard Windows 7 font, looks too thin and difficult to read with WoW’s antialiasing. Friz Quadrata seems almost uniquely suited to work at the range of sizes WoW uses.

    Even after installing Shared Media and Shared Media Additional Fonts, I think it’s only Cabin that really works as a decent sans alternative. There was another one too, similar in style but a bit bolder, but I can’t remember the name of it.

    • I find Ubuntu works very nicely (in the “M” thickness for most uses, although I think I use “R” on particularly tiny things.) Similar stroke thickness to FQTT, but less serif-y.

      Not my current UI, but shows the font:

  3. I read this post because you figured out a way to fix Elv’s fonts and that interested me. I wasn’t counting on staring at your action bars for FIVE MINUTES. FIVE MINUTES, MR. WISE.

    What a freaking epiphany! I am .. uh… going go try that tonight! :O!

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  5. Kylo

    I also noticed the sh script – Are you running WoW on Linux with Cedega (or similar) or have you just install cygwin ?

    • While I do install Cygwin on my windows boxes, I play on a Mac. I switched from Linux to Mac for my primary platform back in 2005, though I still use all three.