New Battleground Scaling To Be Hotfixed

It’s great having Blizzard developers like Ghostcrawler on Twitter.  They’ll cut right to the chase.

As Ghostcrawler said, there should be a hotfix soon (maybe in tomorrow’s batch) to address some, if not all, of the scaling issues.

Nobody panic or level up, just hang tight and let’s see what it looks like after the hotfix.

(Also, yeah, that one goes in the Good Job folder. :D)


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11 responses to “New Battleground Scaling To Be Hotfixed

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  3. So, are you going to put GC’s quote in your resume?

  4. Thanks for addressing the scaling Cyn. Was thinking this issue might not get addressed, but it looks like it will get some attention. In the 20 – 24 bracket this has been shaking things up quite a bit. Feels like it has a great potential to level out the playing field to a degree if …… secondary stat ratings are left alone and effective level maintain their bump. Was not considering how drastic the secondary stat rating changes would affect end of expansion brackets. Thanks again for being on it.

    Now, off to do the BoA un-equip/re-equip dance. 😉

  5. wheremahcritzgone

    Cyn, your a legend, an intelligent one at that.

  6. JB

    Thanks for all the hard work, Cyn.
    We appreciate it. 🙂

  7. Haven’t they employed you yet Cyn?!

  8. Faust

    Scaling still not fixed.

  9. Bwappo

    The bug where BoA secondary stats wouldn’t show up in BGs got fixed. Scaling still the same, though, as Faust noted.

  10. NetherLands

    Scaling seems to be still the same, including the Hit issue, at least over here in the EU