Children’s Week 2013 and the School of Hard Knocks

Cynxi - Halfhill - Rainstorm


Children’s Week 2013 has begun, and with it is everyone’s favorite holiday PvP achievement – The School of Hard Knocks. And by favorite I mean “slightly above a root canal,” since for the past 4 years there’s been more anguish over this one achievement than … well… okay, there was a lot of anguish over the Battlegrounds in the Legendary quests too.

But I guarantee you that SoHK is hated more.

Anyhow, what the past 4 years has shown me is that you can do this achievement. No matter how much you dread it because you don’t PvP – you can do it.

In 2010 I wrote and recorded my Guide to the School of Hard Knocks. It’s aged a bit, but is still accurate and I hope you find it helpful. It has maps and video walkthroughs for each step of the achievement (hah, early Cyn videos! oh god my UI, I am so sorry).

The key is still practice and perseverance – you can do this!

Good luck out there!


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8 responses to “Children’s Week 2013 and the School of Hard Knocks

  1. Is SoHN available for less than max level? The reason why I ask is whether those of us leveling in the nightmare range (L75-L79) will see even more of an influx of lower levels than normal.

    • Yes, it absolutely is! Any character who can queue for all four BGs (level 50+) can get it. You have to get all 4 criteria on the same character, but you don’t have to get it at max level!

      • So… This will prove to be very interesting in AB and WSG. I wonder how many will simply bail in the L75-L79 range until they can get Cata gear.

  2. MK

    Oh, that explains the sudden stampede of PvE geared lvl 90s 🙂 It was like wack-a-mole yesterday. I couldn’t kill them fast enough. “Fun!”

  3. I’m looking to finally get this meta done after 4 years of avoiding it. I’m 3/4 with School of Hard Knocks. Just have Eye of The Storm left, which I suspect will be the hardest. 😦 I wish I sucked less at pvp. Watching your video on it now. I wish the holiday lasted a little bit longer, since I picked this week to get sick. 😦

  4. Kanig

    Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. I’m trying to complete What A Long Strange Trip and had the school of hard knocks achievement in front of me this year. After half a week of struggling, I managed to get it done the day before last thanks to your blog and videos. You were a huge help!

    Gorfiend US