On Golden Lotus Dailies

1) Holy shit, these dailies go on forever. 2) No wonder so many of you were in such a fucking grumpy mood over the past year. 3) This is SO not worth my left wrist going out too. 4) I have never been happier with my decision to lock at 85 for this expansion as I was doing Glotus for the first and only time. 5) Let the fucking thing burn.



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9 responses to “On Golden Lotus Dailies

  1. Hey, it does preserve your wrist/hand.

  2. Kliev

    Not so broken-hearted about them destroying the Vale now.

  3. OneCrazyPaladin

    Haha no need to do those old dailies anymore. The last patch of the expansion has always been the best imo.



    I mean, uh, man, bad way to go, GL. Bad way to go.

  5. Got exalted on main, which left me with a hugely negative desire to do it on altsss. However, there was at the time this need to get rev on GL before SP or thaat other one, and a couple of my altss were crafterss.

  6. I cannot like this post enough times. Sums up my feelings perfectly!

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