A Highly Subjective and Personal List of the Most Irritating Battleground Achievements


Argh! So irritating!

  • Warsong Gulch: Silverwing Sentinel, because capping over a thousand flags is so much fun.
  • Arathi Basin: Resilient Victory. Ever since AB changed to be 1600 points instead of 2000 this has been a total pain in the ass.
  • Eye of the Storm: Storm Glory, because you gotta MOVE when you control all 4 bases.
  • Alterac Valley: Alterac Valley All-Star requires you to move all over the map. Better hope for a long, drawn out game.
  • Isle of Conquest: Mine. SO CLOSE SO MANY TIMES ARGH.
  • Strand of the Ancients: Strand of the Ancients Veteran. “Don’t cap South GY.” “The Alliance has taken the South Graveyard!” “WHAT DID I JUST SAY.”
  • Battle for Gilneas: Double Rainbow. So dumb.
  • Twin Peaks: Cloud Nine. The most irritating achievement of all. It’s like Frenzied Defender, only 80% worse!
  • Silvershard Mines: Mine Cart Courier. Who can keep track of which cart is going where?
  • Temple of Kotmogu: Temple of Kotmogu Veteran, because of all the spectacularly bad groups you get pugging this one.
  • Deepwind Gorge: Capping Spree. Just because.
  • Wintergrasp: Didn’t Stand A Chance. First you have to find an enemy player. Then you have to convince them to take off all their clothes and mount up in front of a cannon. Then you have to …
  • Tol Barad: Just Another Day In Tol Barad, because nothing says PvP like fighting for the right to do dailies over and over again.

In general, the new battlegrounds have far less irritating achievements than the old ones. And that’s a good thing.

I’m grumpy enough as it is.


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2 responses to “A Highly Subjective and Personal List of the Most Irritating Battleground Achievements

  1. Urkela

    ❤ Cyn ❤

  2. AliPally

    Storm Glory – I got a stranger this achievement recently. I was guarding a tower and saw we were close to getting a 4 cap, so told him to wait before capping. I hope he appreciated it.
    AV All-star – I got this before I got the picture achievement! I knew my rogue would come in useful one day.
    Cloud Nine – I don’t even try…
    MIne Cart Courier – change the tracks to get 2 carts going north so you can cap them both at the same time. I’ve done this one twice now.
    ToK Veteran – my most successful BG! My win/loss ratio is something like 110/40.
    Wintergrasp stuff – gave up on it, but I did manage 100 wins.
    SotA – got them all, never going back…like ever.
    Capping Spree – tried this with my DK friend pulling the cart, he got it on the first attempt! Helps to have help.