Every patch or so I try to take a look at how to best gear up your characters for the battlegrounds of Warcraft.  Here they are, collected for your reference.

These posts, and others, can be found in the Gear category of this blog.


One response to “Gear

  1. Deborah Albertson

    Thanks for taking the time to do this page on dots and understanding haste..
    I have been so frustrated trying to get the most out of my warlock since cata began… sigh…. everything changed and i knew i needing to understand her in a whole new light of what to gear her in and what gems and enchants were mr important.. understanding the dot ratio versus haste is also important and i couldn’t get past the idea of mr haste meant bttr lol… intell equals spell lol
    i so love wow nothing stays the same got to stay rdy for changes and new ideas how to think of yr toon… anyway thanks this really helped me…

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