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Cynwise’s Battlefield Store

You may recall the topographical battleground maps I did a few months ago; maps that showed the logical flow of the battlegrounds instead of the actual terrain.  The feedback I got on the designs was great and much appreciated, but I kept thinking that I needed to do more with them.  Maybe a series of introductory posts to each BG, or a detailed analysis of various strategies used in each fight.

But every time I sat down to write such a thing, I ended up staring at the damn maps, thinking that while that use was all well and good, it wasn’t quite right.

Apparently, I needed to put them on some clothing instead.

Introducing Cynwise’s Battlefield Shop,  where you can get your favorite map and simple strategies… on stuff.  There are a few designs available:

  • I ❤ Warsong Gulch, with the map and the following sayings: “The Flags are your only objectives,” “Either help the FC, or hunt the EFC,” “Control midfield for the flags, not the HKs,” and “Complains first, least skilled.  No exceptions.”
  • I ❤ Eye of the Storm, also with the map and “3 Bases > 1 Flag.”
  • I ❤ Arathi Basin, with the map and the mantras: “Fight at the flag,” “No, really, fight at the flag,” and “Get off the road.  Fight at the flag.”
  • I ❤ Strand of the Ancients, with the map and advice: “Defense: focus on killing Demolishers.  Hit them on the Beach,” “Offense, melee drive, ranged ride. Ignore the South GY,” and “It’s all about the Demolishers.”
  • I ❤ Isle of Conquest, with the map and strategies: “Take the Docks, use the Glaives to get into the Keep,” “Forget the Docks, take the other two, kill the Glaives.”
  • I ❤ Alterac Valley, with the map and advice: “Control the Graveyards to control your opponent,” “You can’t win by controlling the Field of Strife. Capture a tower instead,” and “A strong defense stops a strong zerg. Every time.”
  • I ❤ Wintergrasp, with just the map.  I couldn’t break down my advice to pithy sayings, so I’ll leave it up to the wearer to explain the best strategy.

I won’t be going to Blizzcon personally, but if you catch anyone wearing these shirts there, send me a picture and I’ll post it!




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