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A Little Help From Your Friends

Just like the highest levels of endgame performance, you can’t twink a character without help from your friends.  You can’t get great PvP gear without Arena partners, you can’t get great PvE gear without a raid team, and you can’t get the great gear for your twink without help.

The picture above is of a group of me and my friends on Durotan dancing over the corpse of Baron Vardus, the level 40 mob you need to kill to get the Inferno Robe, the best DPS caster robe for the 19 bracket.  Setting aside why I would be getting this robe for my warrior twink (that’s another post) and why I’m not a dwarf anymore (that’s another post, too), there is no way I could have done this quest without the help of Fynralyl and Psynister.  Fynralyl has been selflessly helping me on both Alliance and Horde sides of the fence, but for Vardus we needed to bring in the big guns with an Alliance 80, and Psynister graciously came by to slaughter the camp (after Fyn tagged the Baron, of course.)

There are a lot of things you can do on your own with your twink: level First Aid and Mining to 225, Engineering to 150, fish in STV for a hat, run instances through LFG for gear.  But there are plenty of things I’ve needed a bit of help with:

  • Both the Arctic Buckler and Gravestone Scepter drop in Blackfathom Deeps, which can be very difficult to get into with a Dungeon Finder group at level 19, and many of the mobs will be hard to hit, even for a twink.  Even just having a friendly group of mid-20s helps greatly here.
  • The Lifeblood benefit from Herbalism is an awesome HoT for any level 19 twink, but getting to 225 is brutal.  Unlike Mining, which you can level via Smelting in the safety of any forge, there’s no way to level Herbalism except gathering herbs in increasingly dangerous zones.  I was able to get to about 205 through some very careful gathering in the Wetlands, but the level 30+ mobs in Arathi Highlands made quick work of me.  Fynralyl came by with her level 80 Shaman and Mekgineer’s Chopper, which made getting to 225 fast and easy.  Having a 2-person epic mount made all the difference in the world here.
  • You know the awesome Deadskull Shield, a quest reward from killing upper-20s mobs in Hillsbrad?  I was lucky Fyn had a level 33 Paladin on the Hordeside of our server, because that farm is *tough* to solo at level 19.
  • I had a guildmate (who is not on the internet, but thanks Cein!) come by and help me complete the hard part of the quest for the Seal of Wrynn.  Fyn’s Paladin made short work of Arugal for the Seal of Sylvanas.
  • I’ve gotten my entire guild involved in fights in the STV Arena fighting for the Arena Grand Master.  I will get it, someday!

It’s easy to sometimes look at a Warcraft character and attribute their success only to the player.  I’m proud of my characters, and the effort I’ve put into making them great.  But this is a social game, and to be really successful at it you need a little help from your friends.   Be it twinking, raiding, arenas, or rated battlegrounds — you don’t do the hard stuff alone.  You succeed, and fail, together.

So to those friends:  a heartfelt thank you.



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Twink Essentials

As I’m going through building my army of level 19 twinks, it’s clear that there are some things every twink needs, regardless of class.

First, there are certain skills everyone takes:

Expert First Aid (skill level 225) allows you to use Heavy Runecloth Bandages, which heal an insane 2000 health over 8 seconds. Even for twinks, this means gaining a heal-to-full ability once a minute. You need to have a higher level medic actually make the bandages, but your twink isn’t your main.

Engineering or Fishing at 150 are required to gain the two universal head slot items: Green Tinted Goggles or the Lucky Fishing Hat. The Lucky Fishing Hat is a bit more difficult to get, as it requires you to fish in (but not win) the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, but the Goggles are an acceptable alternative until you can win it.

It goes without saying that both professions should be chosen and maxed out as early as possible. You can get started at level 5 and reach 150 at level 10. The gathering professions all convey excellent bonuses at this level, which they do not in the endgame. Amusingly enough, the professions that are worst for endgame raiders are best for twinks, which just goes to show balance is a tricky thing to achieve.

In addition to those skills, you will also want several stacks of the following consumables:

The Heavy Runecloth Bandages require someone with First Aid 280 to make, but the healing they return is awesome.

Rumsey Rum Black Label is the twink food buff of choice. The +15 Stamina boost translates into +150 health, or 10-15% increase. That’s insanely good. Consider that to have that kind of effectiveness on my level 80 Warlock, food buffs would have to grant at least +200 Stamina. So yes, this rum has quite a kick.

It costs 2s at the Southshore Inn in the Escape From Durnholde Keep instance in the Caverns of Time, and you should fill your bags with this drink.  If you don’t have this up at all times I don’t know what to tell you.

Healing Potions should be a staple of every adventurer’s kit, twink or not. These aren’t as good as a bandage but can help out in a tight spot.

Because the Rumsey Rum overwrites any cooked food buff you might obtain, you don’t need anything but the standard vendor food and drink. I prefer Melon Juice and Dwarven Mild cheese, but it really doesn’t matter what you eat — you could have Tigule and Foror’s Strawberry Ice Cream, if that’s what your twinks like.  If you find yourself in a position where you have the luxury to eat and drink in WSG, do so.

And yes, it’s good to have both available even if you don’t need mana. You will get a pug healer who forgets to bring something to drink.

There are plenty of consumables which are a good idea to have, but are hardly essential. Lesser Mana Potions, Big Bronze Bombs, and Explosive Sheep all have their places in my bags, but not everyone needs or wants them.

(Who am I kidding? Explosive Sheep are like the best thing, EVER! Blow up sneaking rogues with sheep!)

I count a lot of the low level elixirs and potions, like the Elixirs of Minor Accuracy, Firepower, Strong Troll’s Blood, Defense, and Lesser Agility, in this category. They are all very good buffs, but which one you should stack depends on your class, role, and if you have a close personal relationship with an alchemist. Even then, because potions and elixrs don’t persist after death, keeping these buffs up can get expensive, fast.

One final type of consumables bear mention: temporary item enhancements, like Heavy Sharpening Stones, Heavy Weightstones, and Minor Wizard Oil. These add an additional enchantment (called an imbue) to your weapon that either increases your weapon damage or spellpower. This imbue lasts through death, so is worth keeping up throughout a match. The catch is that they can’t be used on heirloom weapons, some of which are really great weapons for twinks.  If you aren’t using an heirloom weapon, you should have a few stacks of these items and macro their application into your buff sequence to make sure you don’t forget to apply it.

The final essental element to twinking is a good attitude, but that’s a post unto itself.

What about you? What items do you consider essential? Please let me know if I’ve missed something below in the comments.


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