While Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual tries to be class-neutral in its PvP advice, my warlock Cynwise is my main character and the one which I spend the vast majority of my /played time on.  Occasionally she can’t help but take over and talk shop about how to be a good warlock.

A final word about Warlock PvP — I mention Dusk’s guide to Warlock PvP often on Twitter, and occasionally on this site, because it is that good.

Other Warlock posts can be found in the Warlockery category of this weblog.

10 responses to “Warlockery

  1. David

    I’ve visited this blog and another called Elkagorosa, because these two are one of the very few who are mostly about warlocks(and not some pseduo-personal blog) and they’re serious.

    I do enjoy this blog a lot and I just want to give you a good feedback because the WoW blogoshere needs more and better Warlock-centric blogs that stay WoW-oriented.

  2. I wanted to get into BG’s and Arenas with my guildes since we decided to quit raiding since BC was over expect very casually after traveling with other guildes i’m Raided out and been curious what class/spec you recommend for BG’s and Arenas

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  4. Andrew

    I was wondering if you knew where to find Dusk’s guide. I’ve read about it in a few places but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

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  8. Tali

    I’m new to warlockery, and I have your site bookmarked as one to study. My gratitude, Cynwise!

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