The Level 19 Ambassador


You’ll hear me talk a lot about perseverance in my posts and videos.  I think more than any other personality trait you can have, sticking with something and seeing it through to the end is what makes people successful in life.  Luck is random.  Tenacity is not.

In PvP, perseverance is vital.  You get killed, you get back into it.  You get owned, you get back into it.  You figure out what went wrong, you make changes, you adapt, you get back into it.

But it’s not just for PvP.  You want something?  Go after it.  Embrace your constraints, set the biggest, most audacious goal you can think of and go for it.

That said, may I introduce Ambassador Cynderblock, level 19 Ambassador of the Alliance.

It took 394 Horde quests and 259 Alliance quests to complete this reputation grind.  It’s only possible with a faction change, and a lot of help from friends.  You should consider how the races will transfer over when doing it.

At level 19, you will pretty much need to do approach it like Loremaster – do every quest you can find, no matter how hard or obscure.  I’ll have full details of how I did it on Green Tinted Goggles soon.

But it is possible.  Just stick with it.

Update: the how-to post is now up on GTG.


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26 responses to “The Level 19 Ambassador

  1. battlechicken

    That is way cool! Congo-rats! 😀

  2. Big! congrats on this achievement.

  3. Nice! 😀 That’s pretty amazing.

  4. Well done, you half-mad axe-humper. 😉

  5. That’s just insane. I hope you never touch that character again, and lock her XP levels so she permanently stays a level 19 ambassador.

  6. Inkie

    Very super cool. I don’t think I’d ever have thought of such a thing, let alone figured it was possible. I’m impressed!

  7. Congrats! Amazing stuff 😀

  8. Thanks, everyone! It’s been an interesting journey, to say the least. I’ll have a much longer post up in a bit.

    And yes – she’s staying XP-locked for the rest of her days. 🙂

  9. Has anyone else ever done this before? I really wonder if you just pulled a world first? At the very most I’m sure no more than a few have done this. You, my friend, are truly l33t.

    • It might be the first after the Ahn’Qiraj war was ended. There was a quest available during that time that allowed you to turn in materials for commendation badges for rep. I found a thread mentioning that someone saw a level 14 Ambassador made through that method.

      The only other way that’s possible now is through Chen’s Empty Keg. You could brew beer in the Barrens something absurd (like 800 times?) to get yourself to Exalted through spillover rep. But that’s Horde only.

      A potential way to do this without faction changing would be to get as much rep as possible now, then wait for the quests to change come Cataclysm. That should put you over the edge.

      (Hmmm… maybe my bank alt could do that…)

  10. Oh wow, this is SUPER impressive. Grats!

  11. Handera

    I don’t understand why this requires a faction change?

    • Because there are not enough quests available at level 19 on one side. Doing about 100 quests on Alliance and all the quests on the Horde only gets you to Revered. And even though there are more quests available on the Alliance side (you’re not blocked out of the Draenei starting zone like you are the Blood Elf one if you’re not a belf) you get totally shafted by Gnomer rep. I did Ambassador at 53 and still had to do Runecloth turnins.

      I’ll make sure to answer this in the longer post. It’s not obvious!

  12. Handera

    I was looking at your armory, and what is the enchant on your shoulders? I didn’t think you could put anything on b.o.a. shoulders because of character level restrictions.

    • You can put any shoulder enchant on it by the character who is able to use that enchant; so a level 80 character can put all of the enchants available to them on BOA items without them becoming soulbound.

      However, most of them only work if you are a certain level. The Greater Inscription of the Gladiator ( is the enchant I put on all my BOA items, but it only becomes active at level 70.

      So the enchant is there, but it does nothing for Cynderblock. (That is a change from how it used to work, btw.)

  13. This is great, Cyn. Congratulations on the accomplishment! I’m sure Kingslayer can’t be too far behind. 😀 Scratch one BHAG! (I really like that, I may have to use it).

  14. Big congrats! Impressive achievement at that level.

    Scuse me, off to update the recent Melting Pot post about your achievement goals/perspective to let folks know you did it.

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  16. Tam

    Wow, that’s amazing. I feel guilty now for whinging about the difficulty of getting my belf huntard a wolf to ride.

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  20. Comito

    That is pretty impressive feat, not something I would do! But staying at that level for that achievement! Gz

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