WANTED: Cataclysm PvP Forum Feedback

Eldacar over at Battlemasters.org writes:

If you are an avid PVP’er and want to help improve the PVP side of the game for Mists of Pandaria now is the time to make your voice heard. Hit up this feedback thread on the official forums and put in some good constructive feedback about what you did and didn’t like about Cataclysm’s PVP. The better our feedback the better our chances of creating some positive change in the coming expansion.


Please consider Kaivax’s advice when posting feedback on this forum: specific single points are nice, but breadth of content is nice, too.

Thanks to Eldacar for starting this thread going on the forums!


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5 responses to “WANTED: Cataclysm PvP Forum Feedback

  1. Soondead

    Seventeen days and no new post!?

    Your writing is one of my joys outside wow, so get going and write something. You are not allowed to go two weeks without anything published. /shame

    lol, just kidding ofc, but I do check here regularly and its been quite….

    • You may want to check out my Field Notes and Go Mog Yourself weblogs if you are looking for a fix. I post here every 2-4 weeks as the fancy strikes, and I’m on vacation for the next week. 🙂

  2. Soondead

    Have a nice vacation and take care.

  3. BenBos

    I have a paladin and he became Justicar in the newer system.

    Now I always liked the Bg’s, but one day I wanted to have me that Justicar title.

    So I set out a plan for WSG: I wanted to have 15 to 20 flags per day. On average that meant playing 15 games per day. My schedule started around Dec 10th and I ran this scheme until the end of March with only a couple days out I remember playing sometimes over 12 hours a day. My record high was 41 flags for one day. The ultimate low was … 4.

    I know I was exhausted after this. I was not even used to playing normal Wow. That was 2 years ago. But now it is starting again… I plan to have my rogue prepared. Once he gets most of the season gear. I think I will start around the end of March and see where it leads. As for AB that’s peanuts, as win or loose, you always get points….
    The really stress factor is WSG. And mostly …. Alliance looses.

  4. BenBos

    One more comment: there is another huge new factor that makes the Justicar title harder to get: with the random generator you make it difficult for players to stick to just one BG and so they will loose out on all those Conquest points.

    That’s why I think the last few months of Cata will be the only time to go for this pvp rep title and neglect the Conquest points.

    I agree with you on the fact newer BG’s should have at least a tabard or something awarded or even a reputation included with some fluff added.

    But …I just like to play BG’s so much. Without them I don’t think I would play the game even. As for the time per day played …. That’s only when I had this ride to Justicar! Mostly it is a modest 2 hours a day. You see I let my bank work for me, so I am free most of the time. :)))